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rachel sontag

rachel sontag

Those Who Judge Others

The Sanhedrin were the Jewish High Courts in ancient Judea.

The Sanhedrin were located in every city.

The Great Sanhedrin, with 71 members, was located in the Temple in Jerusalem.

The Great Sanhedrin interpreted the biblical laws of the Torah, just like the U.S. Supreme Court interprets the laws of the U.S. Constitution.

Members of the Sanhedrin were appointed.
  • must be well versed in the Torah
  • must be well versed in the sciences, math and medicine
  • must be fluent in many languages
  • must have children
The Rabbis believed that the experience of raising children was such an important factor in judging others, that having no children excluded one from being considered as a lawmaker.

(How wise those Rabbis were.)

The Great Sanhedrin

To the wisdom of the Torah, the wisdom of the Talmud, the wisdom of the Rabbis and to the wisdom of those who were appointed to judge others fairly, we owe our current system of law and justice, right and wrong.

Because of this wisdom, we have been allowed to live our lives according to our own choosing.

We have been allowed to grow old in peace and harmony.

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