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rachel sontag

rachel sontag
Dear Visitor:

Thank you for suffering through this site with no guarantee that you would emerge the same person.

We are determined to make something good come from this site, which was constructed to set things right – or at least give you a glimpse into the interesting but humble, and dynamic but private life of the Sontag parents.

We ask you – the visitor – whether you would be willing to commit to performing a single act of goodwill that you normally would not have done had you not read this website. Even helping a person across the street (if you would not have done so before this reading) would make the world a little bit better. We could then conclude that because you read this site, the world is better off.

Yes! I commit to performing at least one kind act that will make the world just a little bit better because I suffered through reading the Sontag site.

No! Don’t be ridiculous! Of course I will not commit to making the world a better place because of this stupid site.


Well, we hope you enjoyed your trip.

If you feel the site is worthy of a comment, we would greatly like to hear it at the end.

But wait! You’re not quite finished. If you are still awake, you have only one more page, with one more clip.




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