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rachel sontag

rachel sontag
rachel sontag
Dear Rachel:

Perhaps you can help us. We are not exactly sure what you had in mind with the following thoughts:

“A memoir of a father obsessed with control and the daughter who fights his suffocating grasp…”
“At an early age, Rachel Sontag realized there was something deeply wrong with her father…”
“On the surface, he was a well-respected, suburban physician…”
“But questioning his authority led to brutal fights…”
“Disobedience meant humiliating punishments…”

Although we tried our best to remember your “events”, we must admit that we could not even come close to recognizing them. They did, however, have a remarkable resemblance to some mystery novels and other works of literature we have on our bookshelves. Nevertheless, we could not assign a potential candidate decade, leave alone a potential candidate year.

With no hope of identifying or recalling the events in your memoirs, we decided to go through a few videos, which we thought you would enjoy in your spare time.

We do, however, have a simple request for you, since we have not asked for much in the past. We ask you to please provide the dates. In your memoirs, you have very carefully avoided providing any time period that would help us to remember our evil deeds. Reporters know that providing the dates with the details lends credibility to the author's thesis. Since you want your book to remain credible, please provide the dates.

You have nothing to fear.

Enjoy the clips!

CLICK: 01. Age-11. Pickup at Airport
A brief look at the horrors awaiting Rachel as she is met by her parents at O'hare airport.
CLICK: 02. Age-11. Home after Israel
Seven minutes of scenes from Rachel’s torment as she returned to the dictatorial and cruel household of her parents after two months in Israel.
CLICK: 03. Age-11. Gifts from Israel
A 3-minute look at the gifts Rachel brought home to her sister and parents in the hope that her parent’s would be less savage and cruel.
CLICK: 04. Age-11. Gramma on Piano
A 5-minute tribute to Gramma Dorothy Sontag, a classical pianist, teacher and outstanding human being.
CLICK: 05. Age-11. Dad-Rachel Trumpet
A brief look at Rachel playing the trumpet and dad playing the mouthpiece.
CLICK: 06. Age-11. Albums-Gramma Dot
A brief look at Gramma Dot looking at photo albums with Rachel and her sister.
CLICK: 07. Age-11. Tuxedo Scene
Rachel narrates the horrors, trials and tribulations of her dad putting on a Tuxedo before attending a wedding.
CLICK: 08. Age-11. 11th Birthday
A brief look at the horrors to which Rachel was subjected at her 11th birthday party.
CLICK: 09. Age-11. Walk in Park
As the winter snows melt, the Sontag family takes a walk in the park – subjecting Rachel to further torment and misery.
CLICK: 10. Age-11. Ellen Hagaddah
At Passover, Rachel’s mother narrates for the first time her famous self-constructed children’s Hagaddah – forcing Rachel against her will to participate in the wonderful family seder.
CLICK: 11. Age-11. Songfest
Selected shorts of a 4-hour songfest at the Sontag house, where Rachel was threatened with humiliating punishments if she did not sing continuously for 4 hours.
CLICK: 12. Age-13. Leaves in Fall
An eye-witness account of dad forcing Rachel and her sister to pick up and bag every leaf in Evanston Township before allowing them water or food.
CLICK: 13. Age-14. Ellens 40th Songfest
Another songfest on Mom’s birthday with 4 hours of forced singing and chanting, ultimately requiring the water boarding of Rachel.
CLICK: 14. Age-15. Drive to NY
A 2-week vacation to New York and the Adirondack Mountains, during which Rachel was forced to sleep in a tent, climb mountains, and walk long distances without food, water, shelter or oxygen.
CLICK: 15. Age-15. Mount Marcy Climb
An account of Rachel’s “forced march” to the top of Mount Marcy, and the tactics she used to survive the brutal ordeal.
CLICK: 16. Age-15. Morning after Climb
A truly inspiring interview with Rachel and her sister – two of the survivors of the long march to the top of Mount Marcy.
CLICK: 17. Age-15. Niagara Education
A look at mom’s and dad’s brain-washing techniques tested on Rachel to determine whether the adolescent mind was capable of understanding the science of energy conservation.
CLICK: 18. Age-15. Niagara Water Park
A documentary that provides incontrovertible proof of the methods used by mom and dad to get Rachel to appreciate outdoor swimming pools, beaches, amusement parks and ice cream.
CLICK: 19. Age-15. Niagara-Maid of Mist
Obtained with hidden cameras, this documentary provides eye witness accounts of the lengths to which mom and dad were willing to go to get Rachel to go over The Falls without a barrel.
CLICK: 20. Age-15. Steve BD
A brief look at the gift that Rachel gave to her dad in order to get rid of him once and for all.
CLICK: 21. Age-15. Wisconsin Sing Final
A December vacation in a Northern Wisconsin log cabin leads to further tragedy and near catastrophe when Rachel is forced – against her will - to listen to her mom and dad singing folk songs on the guitar.
CLICK: 22. Age-17. Cancun blossoms Swim
Well documented video demonstrating Rachel’s forced submersion in the warm ocean waters of Cancun with her sister and dad in 80 degree sunny weather.
CLICK: 23. Age-17. Cancun Shabbos
Clips from a 2-week vacation in Cancun when we took Rachel’s Gramma Dot Sontag - along with her oxygen tank and concentrator – and had one of the greatest vacations of all time celebrating Hanukkah and Shabbos.
CLICK: 24. Age-17. Cancun New Year Eve
A short look at New Years Eve in Cancun and a clear explanation of how such beautiful weather, warm water, clear nights, great food, wonderful family, absence of troubles and a beautiful villa on the ocean can be interpreted as horrible weather, cold water, damp and cloudy nights, disgusting food, persecuting family, constant troubles and a run-down crumbling tent in the mud.
CLICK: 25. Age-19. Dolphins Cancun
A look at how Rachel had actually attempted to escape from the suffocating grasp of her terrifying dad by previously training Cancun-educated dolphins to push her through the oceans, across to Africa or Europe at the sound of a single, sudden, well-rehearsed dolphin command.

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