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rachel sontag

We are indebted to the professional writer of the book flap for providing a magnificent - almost poetic - interpretation of Rachel’s interpretation of the rise and fall of the family, of the horrors and injustices of the parents, of the savage cruelty of the dad, of dad’s mandate that all women remain out of sight and silent, and of dad’s assignment of the dog to a social status higher than that of his wife and daughters.

Yes, it was a family lie that could have remained successful forever, if not for the eyes of the astute heroic neighbor who, by chance, just happened to be home that one dark gloomy day to witness the shipment - a large mysterious box being delivered to the Sontag house – a box filled with……

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From Rachel’s memoirs:

“At an early age, Rachel Sontag realized there was something deeply wrong with her father…….”

We do not know why it took Rachel so many years to realize that there was something deeply wrong with her father.

People who know him have realized from the very beginning that he is indeed strange. It is general knowledge that her dad is just plain weird.

For examples of some of the ‘deeply wrong somethings’ brilliantly recognized by Rachel, please relax and click.

Click here to see the Video Backyard Horror)

Click here to see the Video Weird Dad)

From Rachel’s memoirs:

“On the surface, he was a well-respected, suburban physician…”

From Rachel’s memoirs:

Disobedience meant humiliating punishments….”

What? Disobedience meant humiliating punishments? Of the dog?

Rachel, we just happen to have something that you may remember – or that you may not want to remember.  

Just one more thought, Rachel, before you re-read your own words in your own handwriting.  Once you apologized for your tantrums and vile speech, we did not re-visit the episode. We considered the matter finished – which is, we believe, how true apologies should be handled. However, since the swearing episodes and tantrums occurred with such frequency, we began to suspect that they had become part of your personality. Despite your unhappiness and anger, we never gave up on you.

Now, Rachel, please read your own letters regarding your behavior.

Click here to see the ApologyRequest

Click here to see the ApologyLetter #1

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Rachel, you should know that you are very lucky to have had parents who meted out discipline in a just and compassionate way. Some parents might have thrown you out of the house. We didn’t do that. We had patience and hope. We had always thought that when you became an adult, you would grow up, take control of your life.

From Rachel’s memoirs:

“When she was twelve, he duct-taped her stereo dial to National Public Radio. measured the length of her hair and fingernails with a ruler and regulated when she could shower...”

Click here to see the Video-1 Nails,Hair,Shower,Ductape-I am Woman

From Rachel’s memoirs:

A memoir of a father obsessed with control and the daughter who fights his suffocating grasp…

Click here to see the Horrors of the “Suffocating Grasp”  

From Rachel’s memoirs:

As Rachel's mother cedes all her power to her husband.

Click here to see Mom cedes power

From Rachel’s memoirs:

And her sister fades into the background of their family life…

Rachel, we are currently preparing a scientific article on “The Art of Fading into the Background.” Indeed, the fading of your sister did become a very serious problem in the Sontag household. We prepared a little movie for you.

“At any moment, in any situation, at any place in the world, and without warning, sister could just disappear into the background – even in the middle of a conversation.”

Click here to see The Terrible Fading Act

From Rachel’s memoirs:

Rachel fights to escape… and, later, to make sense of what remains of her family.


Dear Rachel: How does one go about fighting to escape? Did you ever make sense of what remained of your family? We could use your expert input.

Specifically, we are interested in the fading process, as we believe it may have medicinal value. Did our family dissolve over a period of weeks, or did it occur over a few minutes – or a few hours?

Readers might wonder whether such a cascade of events could actually be caused by an infectious agent, such as a virus or mold. If so, a vaccine might offer at least some level of protection against the events you describe (e.g., power-mad dads, fading siblings, ceding moms, escaping daughters). Short of a vaccine, however, the only immediate hope for ‘at-risk’ families lies in the courage of survivors – like you Rachel - and the willingness to tell their stories.

Rachel, we are also interested in your “fighting to escape” escapades. Because of your personal experience with attempts to escape, you have a special obligation to not only help other suffering suburban children but to actually encourage them to escape. If you would not mind, perhaps we can share some of the wisdom you used to escape from the terror “that refused to loosen its suffocating grasp.”

Click here to see Attempt to Escape-Letters

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