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rachel sontag

rachel sontag

Dear Rachel:

In junior high and early high school, you wrote dozens of short stories. Some were assigned as fiction, some as non-fiction, and almost all were part of your English classes. At the time you wrote these stories, the focus was on structure and grammar, not content, and certainly not sociological significance. 

But Rachel, some of your simple, straight-forward, matter-of-fact statements – in your own handwriting and your own words – demonstrate very clearly your contempt for those who trusted and believed in you. 

Rachel, we know you very well. We know that you have little respect for those who are naive enough to believe your memoirs and praise your work (just like you expressed in your own school essays). To us, those who blindly believe your stories are, excuse the expression,  nincompoops. They are a sad lot indeed: in need of a life; in need of a cause; perhaps in need of friends who are similarly unhappy. Much worse, however, is your willingness to intentionally use these sad  individuals to your own selfish ends, to deceive them into believing your stories, and then to bask in the fountains of their naive praise and respect. To us, Rachel, such behavior is reprehensible. It is not the behavior that we tried so hard to instill in you when you were growing up. Your behavior – a product of your own free choice - does not represent our values.

Rachel, please re-read just one of your many essays.

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